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The Dreadbox TREMINATOR is based on a synthesizer's last signal flow stage, called the VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier). Our development team took this simple circuit and adapted it to a really expressive effect pedal, which is combined with an LFO that is controlled by Envelope Generators. TREMINATOR features a wide LFO range of 20 seconds to 220 Hz with two envelope Generators to control the LFO behavior. It offers five selectable wave shapes that allow you to create many flavours of tremolo ranging from classic triangle, or square wave to sawtooth, reverse sawtooth and random amplitude modulation. Its Fade knob controls a Fade In or Fade Out over the tremolo depth.

Designed to interact with modular synths and CV gear as well as stringed instruments, it offers three patch points that make it usable as standard classic triangle tremolo or signal chopper. Also it can be used as Volume pedal via external CV,LFO Generator for other CV gear or LFO Accelerator / Deaccelerator. As well as Fade In/Out LFO and much more.

- Analog Tremolo Effects Pedal
- VCA circuit straight out of a synthesizer
- Analog signal path with digital Modulations
- Wide Range LFO (20sec-220Hz)
- Tap Tempo with multiple division settings
- 5 selectable Waveshapes
o Sawtooth
o Triangle wave
o Reverse Sawtooth
o Square wave
o Random
- 2 Envelope Generators to control the LFO behavior
- 3 patch points to interact with modular and CV gear
o VCA - controls pedal level, even in bypass
o CV IN - controls LFO rate
o CV OUT - sends LFO out
- Secondary control functions accessible by holding down the ON Footswitch
- Silent CMOS Buffered Bypass Switching
- Powered by opt. 9V DC power adapter


Rate, fade, depth, switch shape 5 positions, switch div (1 / 2 / 3).

189 € TTC indicatif
ref. : DRTRE


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