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Dreadbox DARKNESS is a Digital True Stereo Reverb effect pedal and it is a result of a collaboration with Sinevibes. Technically, the Dreadbox DARKNESS is a Granular Pitch Shifter, followed by the famous large Reverb found on their Typhon synthesizer and ending up to a gate generator. In addition to this, there is also a micro looper that can hold up 150ms of the input signal, in order to create a freeze effect. Experimenting is strongly suggested. By combining two of Sinevibes' exquisite Algorithms, the Dreadbox team took things even further by extending the code and making these suitable for use as an effect pedal. Dreadbox favours open architecture in most of their devices, so instead of having several switched algorithms, DARKNESS has a single versatile and flexible formula, that can create from Small and Smooth Reflections up to Huge Shimmering and Endless Reverbs.

- Stereo Shimmer Reverb Effects Pedal
- 32bit @ 48kHz Digital Effects Processor
- Decay times up to 30 seconds
- Selectable Pitch Shift (+/-12 semitones) with variable mix amount for shimmering sounds
- Variable Time Scale with Modulation (Triangle or Sample & Hold)
- Fully Adjustable Dry/Wet Balance up to 100% Wet
- Freeze/Micro Looper function - loops 150 ms of the input signal
- True stereo inputs and outputs - suitable for audio, line or instrument level input up to 2Vpp level
- 2-Pole Damping Filter (High Pass or Low Pass)
- Versatile switchable Gate effect with variable Attack and Release Times
- Switchable Reverb Tails
- Secondary Reverb and Gate control functions
o Holding down ON Footswitch accesses secondary Reverb controls
o Holding down HOLD Footswitch accesses Gate Controls
- Silent CMOS Buffered Bypass Switching
- Powered by opt. 9V DC power adapter


Spread, mix, decay, control, switch mode (1 / 2).

259 € TTC indicatif
ref. : DRDAR

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