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Nano Q-Tron

Nano Series
Envelope filter


Envelope controlled filter is an effect type that ventures beyond the mainstream yet is equally at home in a wide range of genres and equally effective on guitar, bass, keys, horns and more. Electro-Harmonix is a pioneer in this effect category and has been making envelope controlled filter pedals since the 1970s! The Nano Q-Tron springboards off that deep heritage.

Here's how it works: The Nano Q-Tron responds to the user's playing style and dynamics. The volume of the input signal it receives (also called the envelope) controls the cutoff or center frequency of a swept filter. This allows the Nano Q-Tron to create tone-altering effects ranging from subtle to dynamic, auto-wah to ultra-funky.

• Vol (Volume) knob which controls the pedal's output volume.
• Drive Control adjusts its filter sweep sensitivity and how the pedal responds to the user's playing dynamics.
• Q Control sets the peak bandwidth of the filter and determines how subtle or dramatic the effect will be.
• Mode Switch controls what frequency range the filter will pass. LP (low pass) emphasizes the lows, BP (band pass) the midrange and HP (high pass) the highs.
• Pedalboard friendly, compact, rugged enclosure.
• True Bypass.
• Comes equipped with a 9Volt battery and can also be powered by an optional 9Volt power supply.


Vol, drive, q, switch mode (lp / bp / hp).

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ref. : EHXNQTR


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