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Tone Bender MkI

Vintage Series


The BPC MKI Tone Bender is a detailed replica of the original 1965 Metal Case Tone Bender pedal created by Gary Hurst in London, England. The BPC MKI features the same transistor specification as the original so includes 1x OC75 + 2x 2G381 this configuaration has a unique tone which cannot be replicated by the often offered 3xOC75 version. It was this version which found its way into the hands of artists such as Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend and Mick Ronson and can be heard on many classic tracks such as 'Hang onto yourself' and 'Moonage Daydream'.

Folded metal casing
Level and Attack controls
1x OC75 + 2x 2G381
OC75: Bright and high gain, snappy in tone, sounds raspy in a 2 transistor circuit such as the MKI.5
2G381: This is what gives the MKI its sag when you bend a note. They are key to the MKIs Tone.
Limited production
As used by Jeff Beck, Mick Ronson and Pete Townshend
Certificate of authenticity


Level, attack.

379 € TTC indicatif
ref. : BPCVTB1


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