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The Northern Creeper is a true Daredevil Pedals original - now with updated new artwork this is the exact same classic circuit as the original. Balanced, gritty, sweet, and loads of sustain, it contains one of the best all-round fuzz tones, reminiscent of early 70s fuzzes by Shin-ei or Maestro.

It stays tight for chords, crunches when you want it to and covers a huge range of vintage fuzz colors and tones.

All hand wired with silicon transistors and true bypass, the Northern Creeper is an original circuit design and one of the oldest pedals in the Daredevil lineage. This is what you hear in your head when somebody mentions Vintage Fuzz.

More output, even tone response and more gain. Big, gritty, blown out and saturated, but tight enough to hold its own in a live setting.

The Northern Creeper has a raspy, crunchy edge and loads of sustain with a little bit of low-end sag. You can even get a more starved feel using the "ol' dying battery" approach. It also really opens up and adds a bit of harmonics with a cranked tube amp.

Toss one in your boogie van and spread some fuzz!

- Silicon Fuzz Effects Pedal
- Medium to High-Gain vintage-style original circuit
- Stays tight for chords, crunches when you want it to, covering a huge range of vintage fuzz colors and tone
- Balanced EQ range for great lows and lots of mid bite
- True bypass switching
- All hand-wired in Chicago, IL, USA
- Powered by (opt.) 9V battery or (opt.) regular 9V DC PSU


Level, attack.

219 € TTC indicatif
ref. : DDNOR

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