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A Daredevil collaboration with legendary guitarist Earl Slick. Designed for maximum dynamic fuzz and octave control, this 2 in 1 features independent circuits with an optional noise gate control, to keep things tight in between playing.

This original design Fuzz keeps the controls simple. Volume and Gain control, with a depth tone stack to boost or attenuate the low end. CCW is vintage and bright with enough texture to cut through. Turn the depth knob to the right and listen to the bottom fatten up, bringing your tone right back to modern fuzz power.

The Octave above circuit is stacked before the fuzz giving you the most the effect has to offer. Double stops turn into swirling, gnashing sonic freq-out. High end harmonic tones that stir up Hendrix-like sustain and singing sweet bite. This is an independent channel, so stack it with your other favorite effects or use the Fuzz side on its own. The options are limitless.

Noise gate control can be increased turning clockwise, cutting out the background hiss in between playing, which can be helpful at high gain settings with the Octave engaged. Bypass the noise gate when using the gain or volume rolled back to keep all the subtleties intact.

Currently this circuit has spent the last year as the main effect on Slick's board, including the Experience Bowie tour, which is still moving forward. Hit it with a Tele (his main axe) or humbuckers, P90s, etc. they all dial in great with this double-edged sword, which is what the Daisho name translates to. Kanji artwork is taken from Earl's tattoo and was developed by local legend and artist Casey Von Sass.

"The fuzz is very classic and articulate, though can get nasty with some knob twiddling. The octave up is so great with the fuzz though on its own can create some broken ring mod tones in certain spots on the neck. If you've ever reached out to Johnny then you already know you're buying a high-quality hand-built product from a super nice guy."

- Fuzz Octave Effects Pedal
- Designed in collaboration with legendary guitarist Earl Slick
- Original design fuzz circuit with wide range from vintage and bright to fat low-end modern fuzz
- Switchable analog Octave circuit stacked before the Fuzz
- Integrated switchable, controllable Noise Gate - for keeping things tight between playing
- Reacts great to volume roll-off and playing dynamics
- True bypass switching
- All hand-wired in Chicago, IL, USA
- Powered by (opt.) 9V battery or (opt.) regular 9V DC PSU


Volume, depth, fuzz, gate.

259 € TTC indicatif
ref. : DDDAI


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