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Get all the great cocked-wah sounds without the wah pedal. No more trying to engage and find the sweet spot during a solo. Just dial it in, crank up the gain and you're ready to lay down some sweet, squawky tone.

What we have is a smooth sweeping wah with a single knob to set your pitch. A boost section has been added to give you more gain and power as needed. Balance these two features out with the Blend control, adjusting how much wah signal goes to output. Very cool for dialing in the cocked tone subtle enough to be left on all the time or for just a bit of a frequency tweak. Full clockwise gives you the complete effect. The gain section is warm, loud and gives a nice crunch to your amp's output. No need to try and hit a boost beforehand, it's all there. Get the killer tones from the likes of Mick Ronson, Micheal Schenker, Slash etc. Accept no substitutes.

- Fixed/Cocked Wah Effects Pedal
- V2 of the original Atomic Cock with smaller more pedal board-friendly footprint
- Perfect for nailing the wah sweet spot every time
- Integrated boost/gain section to offer more smooth warm gain and power as needed
- Blend control for seamlessly adjusting how much wah signal goes to output
- True bypass switching
- All hand-wired in Chicago, IL, USA
- Powered by (opt.) 9V battery or (opt.) regular 9V DC PSU


Gain, heel toe, blend.

219 € TTC indicatif
ref. : DDATO


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