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The Aces Hybrid Amplifier found its origins in RCA data sheets from the 1950s. Simple 2 stage gain circuits utilizing germanium transistors, the only kind available at the time. Daredevil wanted to use the same approach, but give it the Daredevil treatment, creating something unique that nailed a tone bouncing around in founder Johnny's head. The end result cranks out the warm, sweet sustain of germanium, while having that biting rock n roll gain on top - nailing the best of both worlds. Great for solo boosts, a leave-on effect or stacking with other pedals.

The Aces sounds best in front of any buffered bypass pedals.

Under the hood is 1 NOS Germanium and 1 modern silicon transistor, each tested and biased to give optimal tonal definition and response. The two internal trim pots set the bias for each gain stage, you should not need to adjust these for any reason.

The knob controls your output level. Turn it up, stomp, off you go...

- Booster Effects Pedal
- Original hybrid circuit with NOS germanium and modern silicon transistors inspired by 1950's RCA data sheets
- Offers warm vintage feel and harmonic sustain with dynamic touch-sensitive response
- Great for stacking with other effects and reacts great to volume roll-off
- One-knob control interface for easy-to-use gain boost
- True bypass switching
- All hand-wired in Chicago, IL, USA
- Powered by (opt.) 9V battery or (opt.) regular 9V DC PSU



205 € TTC indicatif
ref. : DDACE


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