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We are a French distribution company specialized in effect pedals, amplifiers and accessories for guitar. In France, we distribute major effect pedal brands such as Wampler, Maxon, EarthQuaker Devices, Fulltone, Xotic, Tech 21 NYC, Zvex, Pro Co, Electro-Harmonix, Voodoo Lab and more...

We are also the distributor in Poland for the following brands of effect pedals:

Skin dresser since 1947, it is a French specialist in leather-made decoration and accessories who is going into the market of guitar products.

Manufacturer of:
Dysprosia Black/Red
Dysprosia Black/Grey
Handmade in the USA, from traditional classic effects to crazy features, most pedals offer the ability to be pushed to an unusual extreme.

Manufacturer of:
Dispatch Master
Creating outrageous musical instruments and effects since 2008, they can be used alone or incorporated into a preexisting setups to add a mixture of power and sonic uniqueness.

Manufacturer of:
Photo Theremin
Drum Thing
Manufacturer of high quality routing pedals made in Germany, Huge Audio offers every routing solution including an A.B Y unit.

Manufacturer of:
More focused range, Jacques pedals existed under a different look but they're now changing to a much more appealing design, closer to their tonal nature.

Manufacturer of:
Kashmir V2
Meistersinger V2
One of the most famous brands of vacuum tube for guitar amplifiers, they're made in Slovakia.

Manufacturer of:
KT88 / 6550 quad appairé
6550 quad appairé
They are the originators, designers and manufacturers of all the pedals sold under the IBANEZ brand from the mid 70's to 2000, among which the legendary TS-808 and TS-9.

Manufacturer of:
AD-999 Analog Delay
CP-9 Pro+ Compressor/Limiter
Line of 12 pedal boards made to setup from 4 to 20 standard peals and more, with gigbag or flight-case, setup kit for power supplies, risers for pedals.

Manufacturer of:
Pedal Space 20 Plus
Pedal Space 16 Plus
Japanese builder of effect pedals, among other products, they offer a compact but complete range of effects for guitar as well as a preamp for bass.

Manufacturer of:
Chrono Delay
Stampede DT
The sound of rock'n'roll made in USA, WAMPLER manufactures a wide range of high quality effect pedals at accessible prices.

Manufacturer of:
Triple Wreck

We also distribute these great boutique brands in Poland:
Canadian made small line of effect pedals but with a big personality thanks to the unusual settings they feature.

Manufacturer of:
Randy's Revenge
Meet Maude
Hand-made in the USA BY musicians FOR musicians, using nothing but the finest components available. All pedals feature true bypass switching, rugged die-cast enclosures, professional powder coat finishes and standard 9 volt DC jacks.

Manufacturer of:
Manufacturer of effects mostly made in mono and stereo versions, also offering a software which allows to change settings or even the entire effect of the stereo models.

Manufacturer of:
Wet Stereo Reverb
Echelon Stereo Echo